I guess I have a parallel story with “The Cable Guy”

Brought up on television, video games, movies. My meals were prime time and the remote was my spoon.

this all lead to me preseving the world with set rules. Television rules. Good guys getting the girl, justice always in the end, riding off into the sunset etc..

I learned to get certain reactions from my actions, saying one thing would lead the girl to fall into my arms, end a argument by having some sort of monologue, etc.

Reality doesn’t work like that, when it comes to psychology there really isnt any rules, theirs no clean cut thing to say, people aren’t so much math, at least in my world of TV rules.

Thats why TV has writers to come up with it, to entertain, to make people feel good at the end, feel an emotion, to feel inspired in the end.

My quest to be more then human has failed again, to be superman, to be the best man i can be, and that’s how my world usually collapses, I fail someone and realize i failed myself.

That is why I am alone now, no one looking for me writing on this website to pass the time, trying to figure out if my life works out in math, if that math is TV or reality based, I’m left to figure it out.

Ill just sit here contemplating this while i listen to “Neon Trees, Animal” 

Here we go again…